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Halljoy: Aspiration and Calling

Etymology & Origins

According to Ben Waggoner of the Troth: "It [Halljoy] shows up in the poem 'The Wanderer' [in the Book of Exeter] as part of a lament for lost joys that will never come back:

'Hwær cwom symbla gesetu? Hwær sindon seledreamas?' Where has the seating at sumbel gone? Where are the hall-joys?

'Sele' means a'hall. 'Dream' is cognate with modern English 'dream', but it had a wider range of meanings, including "joy." Old English 'dream' could mean 'joy, pleasure', and could also mean 'music'".

Reconstructed Feast Hall at Midgard Viking Center

Modern Interpretation

The modern interpretation that has been brought forth this past FrithForge 2020 by Austin "Auz" Lawrence is that Halljoy is the:

"Collective emotional experience of belonging; the mystical experience of being correctly placed in the Web of Wyrd"

Encouraged Colloquialism

The mention of Halljoy here comes after attending this past weekend's FrithForge 2020; a Heathen conference (via Zoom) composed of multiple Ásatrú organizations and individuals around the world, providing lectures, discussion, and community.

The mention of this concept swept through the attendance like wildfire.

I am promoting this concept zealously, because Halljoy is the ideal that sits at the heart of everyone.

When you strip away the social divides,

When you cut away at political alignment,

All people wish to belong, be heard, and have power and a voice.

This applies (especially) to those who decided to join exclusionary and extremist groups.

The allure of belonging is powerful, but comes at a price.

But the power of community is stronger; and it is strengthened when the bonds that are shared are done so in an inclusive and welcoming manner.

That manner enhances one's Wyrd with the world, and showcases to all ancestors and beings that you not only strive to experience Halljoy, but have become a part of it for others to experience it as well.

Hail the Community!

Hail the Open and Welcoming Hall!

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